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Gifts are one of the things that can bring smile to any face. Gifts can help you persuade your loved ones and friends. These are the things most expected during festival seasons and other special occasions. And talking about the special people in family and friends, you want to present different gifts. And the market is full of new and stylish gift items. Gift basket are in trend. Moreover, the online gift shops offer wholesale gift basket supplies making the special day more special. Due to the lockdown, some home delivery services have been suspended. There is tough time all around. So, would you skip the idea of presenting a gift basket on a special occasion? DIY is the solution. Get some creative blood flowing and utilize the time being at home. Moreover, you would save a lot of time but still come up with a beautiful and home-made gift.

The occasions can be many. Let’s get started and learn how to turn a basket into a bouquet of gifts.

1. Basket Gift For New Born Baby: If you have a new mother, it’s time to present her with a gift. It won’t even take much of your time. Take a laundry basket and fill it with baby detergent, blankets, closet organizers, baby hangers and stain remover. You can add goodies. These are the most essential things a new mom needs. Decorate the basket with colourful ribbons and wrap it with color tapes. A decorative piece on the top would enhance the look.

2. Gifts For A New Mom: The mother also needs some care and pampering. She has gone through a lot of pain. Now it is time to gift her a beautiful basket filled with gifts. Add protein bars, magazines, stretchy headbands, some positive books, nipple cream, her favourite chocolates.

3. Chocolate Lover Basket: It would be a basket loved by people of all age. Not for him, not for her, but for everyone. Pick a cute little basket and fill it with all the yummy chocolates, big and small, caramel and wafer-based. Make it a blend of different ranges of chocolates.

4.  Spa basket: It is love. The nice aroma and mesmerizing fragrance are just astonishing. Add some nice smelling lotions and fuzzy slippers, a new loofah, some bath salts. Pick a certain brand and put all spa-related items into the basket to give a more attractive look to it.

5. Fancy Candle Basket: This gift is considered as one of the posh and elegant. It is a gift for a special lady. Bundt cake pan, cake mix, frosting and special spices. You can also add kitchen necessities and make a themed basket.

These are the DIY hacks which you can easily follow to fall into the category of those who present unique gifts. Simple easy DIY ideas which would not let you wait for the whole gift basket supplier to open.