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In many countries, the name, Cellophane is a registered trademark. It is mostly made in countries with good production of cotton, hemp, wood, and other sources. It was started using as a packaging material in the year 1924 by America. Gradually, the use of this transparent packaging material became very popular. Now, you don’t need to search for, where to buy cellophane wrap, you can find it at any good stationery shop. An application of cellophane packaging to which we all are familiar is on bouquets. Florists use it more often. It enhances the look of bouquet while locking in the required moisture to keep the flowers and greens fresh for long. Yeah, there are other ways too, you can wrap a gift hamper using cellophane wrap and let the items peep out of the hamper while securing them in place. You have placed all your goodies and gifts in a basket or a tray. Wrapping it with a clear or colorful wrap is important to avoid the goodies falling off the baskets. Let us see how you can effectively use cellophane roll to give a fresh & new look to your gift hampers.1. Lay the cellophane roll on a flat, smooth surface. (Remember the way you used to cover your notebooks and books with brown paper in school days). Cut the paper according to the size of the gift and then place the gift-filled basket on it.2. Take the corners of the wrap and bring all of them in the center of it.3. Four corners of the wrap are with you, two on either side. Use clear sticky tape to fold the flaps against the basket very securely. 4. Tightly pull the four corners and bring all the rest of the cellophane inwards by twisting your hands. Again, use clear tape to tie the remaining wrap.5. If you are seeing some untidy wrap edges, then again, use clear tape to hide them to make it more pleasing.
So, it’s time to give a final touch to your cellophane packaging hamper; place some string, ribbon or bows and complete the process. Still thinking of where to buy cellophane wrap? Call us- 888-959-7277