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Tissue Paper: Wrap In A Blink

Colored Tissue Paper    Tissue Wrapping Paper


When you wrap a present appropriately, it will make the receivers more curious and excited. It feels really great when you get a present that has been carefully packaged in it. Gifts that are wrapped in an eye-pleasing manner make the gift giving experience a lot more interesting and memorable.

To make a present look awesome on the outside, you’ve got to check how it is placed inside . Are you using a  gift box? If you want to make it look professionally wrapped,  the box that your gift arrives in is just as essential as the style of wrapping and the gift item itself.

You’re going to need colored tissue paper to package a present properly, and while simple white tissue paper is very practical, you can make it look more bright and cheerful if you choose to use vibrant tones of tissue wrapping paper like emerald, black or scarlet red.

Size of tissue wrapping paper

  • Wrapping gifts in tissue paper is  a great idea for gifts who have a smaller size than the size of the tissue paper. Bigger gifts can also be wrapped by taping the tissue paper together. 
  • You can split the tissue wrapping paper in half for small sized gift items and  fold the tissue paper a couple of times around the gift so that the paper becomes more sturdy and this also reduces its see-through.


Darker colored tissue paper is more suited to wrapping than lighter colour tissue paper. Lighter colours can be used but they require more tissue papers or, and if you have to wrap a small gift, wrap the gift a couple of times in the tissue paper.

Ribbons and Bows

  • Once the gift is neatly and beautifully wrapped in the colored tissue paper, it is time to adorn the wrapped gift and what can be more beautiful than tying it with a fancy ribbon or sticking a pretty bow. You can find amazing packaging ribbons and bows that are the perfect way to add to the beauty of your gift item and increase its visual appeal.
  • You can find beautiful packaging ribbons made in velvet, satin, grosgrain, organza, etc that have an amazing range of colors and sizes. Talking about bows, there are bows of varying sizes and number of loops that are hand tied to suit various shapes and sizes of the presents. Or, to avoid some hard work, you can simply opt for pull bows which are an ideal last-minute gift wrapping option.

Gift card

Finally you need to slip a gift card under your bow. A gift card is an element that gives a personalized touch to your gift. With this you can convey your heartfelt message to your loved one which makes the gift even more valuable. Now, there are gift cards available for almost all events and occasions and are so convenient to use.

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