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How To Keep Your Food Fresh & Nutritious Even After Long Hours Of Packing?

Are you one of those obsessed and diet-conscious ones who always pack your food and take along? Now, even the COVID-19 pandemic has made it mandatory to rely on home-made food. More people would be giving up eating outside and pack their lunches for work for their safety.

It is important to keep the food safe for long. Along with the quality of the food you are eating, the cleanliness of the tiffin box also matters. Here are some tips to pack a healthy lunch for stronger immunity and keeping it fresh. Eat your food as you prepare it in the morning.

1. Intake Of Filling Dishes: If you feel like eating something very frequently, then you are among a huge chunk of people who don’t eat a balanced diet. Pack the dishes that contain brown rice, beans, quinoa, and fiber-rich food. It will keep you filled for long.

2. Easy To Heat Food: If you love variety then you should consider carrying soups and stews for your lunch. They are easy to prepare, store and their food value does not change even after reheating. If you have a sweet tooth, take candies and chocolates in the balanced potions with you. Many small plastic bags for candy are available to pack them easily.

3. Say No To Soggy Food: Nobody wants to eat food that doesn’t seem fresh and has become soggy. Sandwiches are the best example that takes no time to get soggy. You can choose the filling little carefully if you want to pack sandwiches for the lunch. Salads are very healthy too. You should pack the seasoning separately if you want to keep the salad crisp for longer time. Keep it cool by keeping frozen gel-style ice packs and mix the seasoning just before you eat.

4. Proper Heating: You should avoid reheating as much as possible to retain the maximum nutrients. But if you have to, microwave the food thoroughly. To avoid changing the taste of the food, stir it once or twice while heating. Do not over heat. Use only microwave safe dish to heat your food.

5. How To Store It: It is worth spending some time online and look for the most suitable lunch carrier. They come in all sizes and styles these days. Choose the one which can hold your liquid and solid food well, has lot of different compartments and is still compact. Do not forget to purchase small plastic bags for candy.