Shrink Film or PVC has superior seam strength. All CenterFold (CF) rolls open to twice their width. Shrinks at the lowest possible temperature. Perfect for shipping any gift basket securely. Call for additional sizes. Our traditional PVC shrink films are known for their smooth, flat surface, highly reflective appearance, and high clarity. It is very versatile and will perform well on low, medium, or high-speed applications. This favored film is often used by suppliers of art and frame products, CD's, DVDs, and VHS tapes. Traditional PVC shrink film is ideal for manufacturers or suppliers of candles due to its ability to resist color bleed and odor leaching, although any product can be packaged with this film. Traditional PVC shrink film requires very low temperature to shrink (works great with heat guns). This shrink film is ideal for operators who work with (low end) 110 volt sealers and shrink tunnels as well as 220 volt systems. Suppliers prefer traditional PVC shrink film because it improves shelf life and is less likely to experience problems with blocking from unintended exposure to heat or sunlight. It's the number one choice for food suppliers needing to shrink wrap fruit baskets because of its accepted use for in-direct food contact. Made in the USA.
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